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Who We Are

We launched our venture IBAJ Trading Establishment (A multipurpose mall) with a slogan " Yes! we are in a village" to make an anxiety of public to bring from town to village successfully. without compromising price, values and service with equality Maintaining quality,better services, benefits in the prices achieving with a motto," Experience the new Variety". Our growth in Various Sectors was getting positive energy and the impact is reflecting in the village like a city. At present we have clear diversification of various activities in the business of Textiles, food and beverages, Hyper market systems,bake products, outlets and various types of engineering works and interior decoration.

Ibaj with its vast support from sister concerns Indal metal at Ludhiyana,Punjab in selection and copetetive purchase is jointly operated by Kayalvaram family under the initiative of MD. Mr. Ibrahim Abdul Rahim,Director. Mr. Shihab Sulaiman Rawther, CEO Mrs. Rahina Shihab, Directors. Mr. Rizwan Abdul Rahim, and Mrs. Jameela Abdul Rahim, a group of managers, an experienced and professional management System which is beyond all limitations. "Yes, We are always beyond all limitations"

MD's Message

Nothing is impossible in life . What ever i have achieved is because of effort and God's grace. people should be optimistic, loss is common but gain is rare. take precaution and think twice before you act. Don't cry over split milk. Loss and gain in business is common. Don't shed too much tears over loss and don't become over emotional over gain. A person who takes risk ia called a Merchant. Opportunities are rare but awaiting the type of utilization is more important . Chasing of modernity is good but don't discard what we have ; values, culture,behavior and stand by strong legs and let it be in you home land.God Bless All!

Reason to You Choose us

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Our History

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